Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Neighbors Opposed to Deer Hunting in Vienna

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Neighbors Opposed to Deer Hunting in Vienna

I am writing as a concerned community member, and what I thought was a peaceful neighborhood.

Having lived in Beau Ridge off of Beulah and Montague for the past four years, we have had a handful (less than 10) deer walk through our neighborhood. My children have enjoyed the beauty of these animals, and the balance of nature we desired when we moved to the suburbs of Vienna.

Fast forward to this month, a neighbor has decided that he is done with the deer and would like them eliminated. He has his reasons, and they change depending on his audience. He has stated his love for gardening, concern over Lyme disease, and helping Fairfax County with overpopulation.

We, along with other neighbors, have expressed our concerns and unhappiness with his choice to bring this to a neighborhood, a neighborhood in which the homes are close together, a neighborhood that has children who are emotionally distraught with the thought of being exposed to hunting in the front of their homes. We are disappointed that we are being told that we have to give permission to have deer bodies picked up in our home property or we will be responsible for the removal of the bodies. His choice and actions affect us directly.

I am aware of the right to a homeowner, I understand that Fairfax County allows for deer hunting in preserves, but when do we stop bringing this to neighborhoods? Neighborhoods with children, that move to the suburbs because of the beauty of nature.

When will this madness stop?

Betty Hernandez